You fall down and no one is there to help you.
The Fall Detector automatically senses the fall and calls the 24-Hour Monitoring Center.
You are connected to a trained Emergency Response operator who dispatches help immediately. Help is on the way.

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Arm up to 29 doors and windows with Intruder Alarm Motion Sensor/Burglar Alarm.
The sensors automatically alert the 24-Hour Monitoring Center if movement is detected.
A trained Emergency Operator immediately dispatches police and uses the 2-Way Speakerphone to alert the trespasser to leave the premises.

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The No Activity Alert calls the 24-Hour Monitoring Center if you stray from your daily routine - for example, if it's 10 am and you haven't gotten out of bed.
If No Activity is detected during a specific time such as your wake-up hour, or daily trip to the mailbox at 4 pm, the 24-Hour Monitoring Center is immediately alerted.
A trained operator calls you to ask if you need help.
Everything is OK and you are left to enjoy your independence and privacy.

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Even if you live alone, the Personal Assistant is on call 24/7.
Our trained operators are there to remind you to take your medication or wait while you take out the trash or shovel the snow to make sure everything is OK.
Continue your independent lifestyle with confidence knowing that there's an extra helping hand on call, just in case.

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Wear the panic button around your neck or on your wrist, in case you ever need help.
Pressing the Panic Button immediately contacts the 24-Hour Monitoring Center.
The caring and professional operator dispatches the help you need.

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You're in the living room, far away from the phone in the kitchen. What if it rings? Will you make it in time?
The phone rings.
Simply press the Panic Button to answer the phone. Your voice will travel to the console allowing you to have a normal phone conversation from anywhere in your home.
You can answer all your phone calls without having to leave you seat.

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If you ever need help, simply press the Panic Button and instantly connect to an operator anytime, anyplace.
A friendly operator will speak to you directly on the GPS Watch making sure everything is OK.
Using GPS Location, the operator can see exactly where you are and send help to that location - anywhere in the world.
Immediately, the operator dispatches the local authorities to help you.

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