How do the BrickHouse Alert systems work?
The BrickHouse Alert system consist of two parts: BrickHouse Alert Tele-Assist (a home console), and BrickHouse Alert Mobile GPS (a GPS mobile watch). Combined, these two personal emergency response systems (PERS) give you the best protection available whether in your home or anywhere in the world. The home console with personal pendant works within 2500 feet for total home protection. In case of emergency, connect with a trained professional who can dispatch help, whether it is emergency response workers such as firemen or ambulance, or friends, family, or neighbors. Let BrickHouse Alert be that extra helping hand that's always there, just in case.

What happens if I press the Panic Button?
Pressing the Panic Button will immediately connect you to a trained operator with our 2-Way Voice Speaker phone. Once the operater assesses the situation he or she can either 1) send emergency services to your home, 2) call one of your speed dial emergency contacts to help you, or 3) the operator can talk you through the problem. The operator will make sure the situation is under control before he or she gets off the phone with you. With this kind of support you will never be alone.

Who gets notified in case of emergency?
Choose up to three pre-programmed speed dial numbers that you would like to notify in case of emergency. Once the operator assesses the situation over the 2-way voice, he or she can then connect you to friends, family, doctors, or emergency help, depending on the situation.

Who responds to my call for help?
A professional emergency dispatch operator at our BrickHouse Alert Call Center will speak with you through the console's 2-way voice feature. The dispatcher can call rescue services in case of emergency. Or in the case of a non-emergency, the dispatcher can call family, friends, or neighbors depending on your preferences. All of these contact numbers will be stored in our system for fast, easy response.

What happens if I cannot talk or respond after I press the Panic Button?
If you press the Panic Button and are unable to speak, the trained dispatcher will immediately call emergency help and dispatch rescue to your house.

What happens if I need help and am unable to call?
The BrickHouse Alert systems have many feature that will help emergency services reach you if you are unable to call. With features like medication reminders, wake up calls, inactivity alerts, fall detectors, and motion sensors, The BrickHouse Alert will always be there when you need it most. If we are unable to reach you during one of these routine checks, we will immediately dispatch emergency personnel to your house. Once emergency personnel has been sent to your house, the operator will then contact someone on your emergency call list and let them know that there is a possible emergency and help has been sent.

What if I need help late at night? Is the Help Center open 24/7?
The Call Center is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. Whenever you need help, a dispatcher will be there for you.

Are the people at the Help Center qualified to help?
Yes. All of our operators have gone through standardized training program for all central station operations. They are trained to deal with your call appropriately and get you the help you need whether it's from family, friends, neighbors, or emergency personnel. BrickHouse Alert strives to upgrade our operator's performance levels with additional job-related education and testing.

Can I wear the pendant in the shower?
Yes. Both the pendant and the fall detector are completely waterproof and can be worn in the shower.

How close do I have to be to the console for it to work?
You can press your medical alert pendant from anywhere in your home, up to 2500 square feet. In addition, the pendent has a 500 foot line of sight, which means you could be in range of the console if you step outside to get your mail or tend to your garden. Ask your customer care representative to do a range test with you. On rare occasions when additional range is needed, repeaters are available to extend coverage.

Who installs the system?
It is easy to install this system yourself. All you need to do is plug the console into your phone jack and you're ready to go. Press the "Help" button to test your machine as often as you'd like. If you need further assistance, please feel free to call us at:

Will my monthly rates go up the more I use the service?
There is no limit to how many times you can use the service. We encourage our customers to use their system whenever they feel it is necessary.

I want this for my husband and myself, do I have to pay two monitoring fees?
No, you will only have to pay one monitoring fee. There is an extra cost for an extra Personal Help Button.

How can I order my BrickHouse Alert system?
The easiest and fastest way is to use our Online Order Form. Or you can call 877-63-Alert and one of our trained professionals will help you pick a system that's right for you.

Do I pay more if I use the system frequently?
We encourage customers to use the system as frequently as they want with no extra charge. Use the systems to pick up the phone, or use it to simply call the help center to talk. The system is designed to make you feel comfortable so use it whenever you want, no matter what the concern, day, or time.

Can I set-up the system myself?
Yes! The system is very easy to set-up and install. All you need to do is plug the console into the phone jack and electrical outlet - just like an answering machine. While some other companies may charge you an unnecessary installation fee. BrickHouse Alert has no installation fee because it's easy-to-use and set-up by yourself.

If something goes wrong with my alarm, how do I get it fixed?
If something goes wrong with your alarm, simply call our help line and one of our trained operators will walk you through the repair options. Remember, the BrickHouse Alert systems come with a 1 year warranty and we will be happy to replace or restore your system.

What happens if my electricity goes out?
The system has a back-up battery that will power the BrickHouse Alert for up to 24 hours after an electrical outage. That means that your system will continue to protect you for up to 24 hours without electricity. Your system is also supervised and will notify Brickhouse Alert if power is lost or becomes low. When power is restored, the batter recharges and is ready for any future power outages.

What if I go on vacation?
If you are away on vacation or just going to be gone for several hours, the Brickhouse Alert panel can be put into the AWAY mode which will turn off all reminders that are time sensitive and involve customer interaction. You can take the BrickHouse Alert with you too by sampling unplugging the system and plugging it in at your new location. We ask you to call us and alert us of the change so we can send the proper personnel in case of emergency. This process is not recommended for changes of address less than two weeks.

If I move, can I bring the system with me?
Yes. The system is easy to set-up and move permanently or back and forth between a summer or winter home. It connects just like an answering machine and easily be moved. Simply call BrickHouse Alert and inform them of the upcoming change. Your residential information can be change at any times, as many times as needed with no extra charge. This is important because if there is an emergency we need to know the correct address to dispatch EMS or other services. This process is not recommended for changes of address less than two weeks.

How do I get technical support?
You can call us for technical support during our regular business hours, 9 am- 6 pm EST Monday-Friday.