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Learn More About How BrickHouse Alert Works

From the moment you activate your brickHouse Alert, you are covered by our 24/7 emergency medical monitoring.


Press The Button

If you find yourself in an emergency situation, simply press the SoS button on your BrickHouse Alert to call for help.


Instant Response

Our call center answers instantly. Our call center will answer your call 24/7 and speak with you about your emergency.

Help Is On The Way

Help Is On The Way

If you need emergency assistance, we will immediately reach out to your emergency contacts and your local 911 emergency services.

How the Call Center Operates


Our call center operates 24/7, ensuring that someone is always available to assist you or your loved one during an emergency. Our call center is UL listed and we have Spanish-speaking representatives available to assist our bilingual users.  



Made for Use On-the-Go


  • Small and compact

  • Waterproof

  • One-button emergency calling

  • Location services available




What You Need to Know About BrickHouse Alert


BrickHouse Alert is a small, portable device that is easy to carry, or it can be worn with a lanyard to ensure it’s always within reach.


Designed for Portability

BrickHouse Alert features a simple button for making emergency calls. It’s designed to be mobile-friendly, giving seniors the opportunity to lead active lifestyles outside the home, while also providing peace of mind to their family.


Instant Response to Emergency Calls

Our monitoring center is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, ensuring that every emergency call is answered immediately.



The BrickHouse Alert device is waterproof, making it safe to carry everywhere, including in the bathroom where many senior emergencies occur.  




More Options for BrickHouse Alert: WanderAlert


If you are the caretaker of a person who is a dementia or Alzheimer’s patient, BrickHouse Alert offers an on-demand location service add-on for only $5 per month. Introducing WanderAlert.


How Does WanderAlert Work?


Be Alerted to Wandering Behavior

If the senior in your care has left the home and is on the move, you’ll be notified immediately. This allows you to confirm whether they’re accompanied by an authorized caretaker or if they’re wandering alone.


Pinpoint User’s Location at Anytime

If you’re concerned that the senior in your care has wandered off without proper supervision, you can request immediate location information on your phone, tablet or computer with WanderAlert, via the app.


Continuous Peace of Mind

WanderAlert provides family members with ongoing peace of mind, giving you confidence that you’re able to locate your loved one in any situation, anywhere, at any time.



Watch Our Videos to Learn How BrickHouse Alert Works


If you have any questions about how your BrickHouse Alert device works, we invite you to explore our educational videos for more information.  




Why Choose BrickHouse Alert?


BrickHouse Alert is designed to give seniors safety and offer their loved ones peace of mind. An mPERS, or Mobile Personal Emergency Response System, allows seniors to have an emergency help button that goes with them wherever they go. This allows them to have the freedom to lead active lifestyles outside the home, while also ensuring that emergency help is just a button push away at all times.