Frequently Asked Questions - BrickHouse Alert and WanderAlert

Does BrickHouse Alert require a landline phone?

No.  BrickHouse Alert uses cellular service so you can take it with you anywhere.  Landline phone service is not required for BrickHouse Alert to work.

Do I need a cell phone to use BrickHouse Alert?

You do not need a cell phone or service plan to use BrickHouse Alert.  Connectivity to the call center and your emergency contacts is included in the Brickhouse Alert service plan. 

Can I take my BrickHouse Alert into the shower with me?

Yes! BrickHouse Alert features a waterproof design that is safe to take into the shower, or anywhere else you go. 

How do I get started with my new BrickHouse Alert?

Download the guide below and follow 3 easy steps to start using your new BrickHouse Alert! You can also call us at 877.632.5378 and our support specialists will be happy to help you get set up.

What do the indicator lights on the BrickHouse Alert help button mean?

This chart gives is an easy reference to indicator lights on your BrickHouse Alert device.


How long will BrickHouse Alert hold a charge?

BrickHouse Alert will hold a charge for 5 days. When it’s time to recharge the device, the charging cradle is easy to use. Simply plug it in and place the device in it. It will take approximately 5 hours to fully recharge.

Is the BrickHouse Alert waterproof?

Yes, the BrickHouse Alert device is waterproof which means that it is durable against heavy water splashing, rain, and showers. However, it is not recommended that the device be submerged in water and should be removed for swimming and bathing.

How can I or my loved one carry this device easily and discreetly?

BrickHouse Alert is a small device that can be carried in a pocket or around the neck using the included lanyard. We also sell accessories, including a hip pouch, for carrying the device.

What add-on services are available for BrickHouse Alert?

WanderAlert is an additional service that allows caretakers to receive wander alerts and pinpoint the location of dementia or Alzheimer’s patients who need to be monitored 24/7.

How does the geofencing feature work with WanderAlert?

Caretakers will set up a geofence around the area where the dementia or Alzheimer's patient is supposed to remain. If the patient exits the area and crosses the line, the user who owns the account and set up the geofence online will be notified.